Tuft and Needle Mattress 2018

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Tuft and Needle Mattress Reviews > 3 Stars

  • It's hard to explain, but it was very sharp and caused headaches. Three weeks in and I think the mattress is too firm for me as a side sleeper. I need a little more give for my shoulders and hips to sink into but still have support.
  • Too thin and not enough support. I would have had to lay on my back on night in order to sleep well, but I toss and turn. Buying a mattress has always been a hit or miss situation for me, even when I've had a chance to lay on it beforehand.
  • Overall it is a well made product, the sides don't really sink much (the reviewer who said the sides sunk and she fell out of bed needs to wash her mouth out with soap). We probably should have gotten a softer bed but even with the extra money spent on the topper and foam we have a very very comfortable bed at under $1000. I ended up breaking down and purchasing the Pinzon by Amazon plush mattress cover since I was going to purchase a protector anyway.
  • My biggest complaint is that the mattress is actually not the size it's listed under. We received was actually 75" x 79" x 10" (it should be king sized mattress).