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Here is some Casper reviews:

unpackaging and removing the mattress was easy. Comfort is pretty stellar. It feels a bit more firm than we were anticipating but we also got more supportive bed slats than we'd previously used with the old memory foam bed we had before. I wouldn't say it sleeps cool, but we don't overheat in it.

After reading all of the reviews I was a little surprised that only a few buyers mentioned which thickness they purchased. If you end up choosing this mattress and choose to write a review, I think a lot of people could benefit from the mention of which version you chose.

In regards to the mattress itself, the 12 inch king sized mattress is a delightful medium, with the soft touch of memory foam but some firmness and support still. My girlfriend, dog, and I have been getting incredibly sleep ever since. We were skeptical of quality as we bought the mattress for $200 during a lightning deal with a coupon, but it feels like a luxury mattress. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a mattress time and time again.